One Day

28 Oct

The day I saw you I told my self that I will know your name and befriend you. Then, I knew from the very beginning  that you’ll be that one person whom I know I can share everything about me. I was not hesitant to find a way  to know your name, the I used Facebook to see you and initiate a friendship with you. At first, I had that fear of , you might push me away or even not to entertain me until i was wrong. Every little things, every little favor that you asked, did not bother me at all. It was then when schedules and circle of friends hinder us to be together during breaks and lunch but did not stop me at all knowing that there are times when I help you seemed to be my happiness. Time come and go, changes happen, we transitioned together, I was so happy at all that you are with me and I know that we will be together most of the time puffin’ some smokes and stuffs that we always talk about. I have to admit that falling in love is not impossible, rather a very difficult time for me to be secretive of what I feel but I knew, there will be that time that I can’t take it and eventually I did. I did tell you how I felt. Then you asked why? then I said, because it happened, it happened when we had the chance, when I had the chance, an unexpected chance. Then you did not believe me, then I said, whatever it is that I said, stays the same. You always make me happy and make me smile. As if you are my boss. I may not be what you wanted but at the end of the day, It is YOU whom I always cherish. It is YOU whom my heart felt true and I know, You are always the one that I will be loving in my heart and in my mind. What you give me is friendship but what I give you is special. It is my choice and I know that choice will never be forgotten once in my life time. That One day of my life became a very big part, became the result of what I am feeling. That One day is everyday.

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Posted by on October 28, 2013 in photography


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