SPACE..not your option..But your choice..

30 Nov

It is my mistake. I just wish that mistake was taken for granted as my choice is you. All alone. The hardest part was when you asked for a space. A space that I can’t fill in. A space that I tried the hardest time I could. I just thought you realized how much I love and how much important you are to me. I care because I know what is right and I know where my boundaries are, but how can I prove that if all along you never trusted me? you have never seen the things that I am doing? Where is that part? Where will get that trust? I stayed i times we were struggling, I gave my efforts to save it but where was your part?

I believe that I have proven myself worthy of staying and maybe I also need you to prove yourself worthy of such staying. Maybe I am just a person who remains a person, I am that person that whatever we had or what somebody else had of me, I cherish that. It was a part of me that I used to love and cherish you everyday.. I just hope that space will be filled in..

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Posted by on November 30, 2013 in photography


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