Did you imagine?

28 Jan

Did you imagine?

Imagine that I am a stranger. A friend of your friend.

Imagine I told a story about you, and then your friend believed it. Imagine the reason “it was my friend” that experienced it so there is no doubt I won’t believe it. Did you imagine that stories maybe created? Did you imagine if they are true or not? Or did you even imagine if it has relevance or not?

You did not, don’t you? Imagine if I say that it is not true. Imagine if I say, believe me and everything will be okay? But I did not imagine that there was no one who believes me except me? Did you imagine what my struggles are? Did you imagine the feeling of being left alone? Did you imagine where I am coming from? I guess you did not. Did we imagine people being judgmental? Did we even imagine that we hurt them rather than helping them?

Did you imagine if I tell a story about a person you know and not knowing if it’s true or not? Did we imagine that I may have invented it? Made stories just because I wanted it? Did you imagine that I hurt that person as if I stabbed him or her at the back? Did we imagine how dreadful it is as a being?

I guess if we imagined what will go wrong, how it turned out and will turn out, what we imagine as a threat to judge should have been a better understanding of what we have imagined all through out, what we have imagined of a better place for everyone and what we have imagined of a peaceful mind of understanding one’s own thing..

Now…Did you imagine?

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