Why I love the City.

15 Apr

If there are cities to go to for a quick getaway because of the very hot season, it could either be Baguio City and Tagaytay City. But what makes it different with each other? Then I can help you. I will compare it through my experiences. Baguio City is 5-6 hours away from Manila via a public transport and can be easily accessible riding a bus along EDSA. Once you get there, you can hail a cab going to your choice of stay from hotel to a transient house or to a friend or relative’s house. If the place is nearby Burnham Park then you are on the point of everywhere in the city. I used to stay in a transient house along City Camp Alley (5 mins walk away from Burnham Park) because i can easily go to a nearby coffeeshop or go to a market or just in the park for bystanding and wandering. it is just an easy routine for me. I can also stay in my cousin’s house but it is far away from the places i wanted to go to(in any time) or in my friend’s house but is also the same distance as my cousin’s. Anyway, I advise staying in transient house because you can either cook your own meals or just go to a nearby restaurants to eat or go to a bar for a nottle of beer or to a coffeeshop for coffee and just relax for an hour or two. I would also like to say that transportation is easy in Baguio City. A lot of food choices nearby, tourist spots to go to even though you have been there many times or just a place to relax all day. By the way, i forgot to mention that one place i always go to is a very unique restaurant called Cafe de Batirol famous for its chocolate drink prepared by stirring 2 sticks together(i don’t know what it’s called) situated like a grass covered house surrounded by Pine trees and cold weather. A lot of people ask why i go there instead of nearby beaches or resorts, there is only one answer i gave them, I love the cold weather. It is relaxing. Why not Tagaytay? now let me compare it to Baguio. Tagaytay City is situated the opposite part of the Philippines, the south. It is a 2-3 hour drive away from Manila via public transport or at least 2 hours via a private car. Once there, I always drop by Starbucks along Emilio Aguinaldo Highway going to Batangas. Why there? because it is the point of everywhere in the city, it is where most of the restaurants and hotels are located. The view of the Taal volcano is beautiful while having your meal or a sip of coffee or a bottle of beer for a chill. And the weather is cold too but not as cold as Baguio city (because Baguio’s sea level is higher) compared to Tagaytay. I love Tagaytay too. But what makes it difficult for me (i have mo car) is the accessibility of the places and public transportation especially at night and accomodation such as transient rooms where you can cook your own meals (i haven’t found such even when i research on the web). That’s about it. Thanks for reading!





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